Friday, September 9, 2011

Hotel California

The military demonstrated a sense of humor when they named the barracks we are staying at. Hotel California, like in the Eagles song, is a place where "you can check out anytime you please, but you can never leave..." Basically, you show up every night at a tent to see if you leave the next day or not.

For those wanting to arrange travel to this less-than-one star slice of heaven, you can find it near Manas airport near Bishkek in northern Kyrgyzstan. The nice thing about all of those names is you can say them even if your jaw is wired shut. Who needs long vowels anyway?


Sarah F said...

Guess we won't be planning any wilde reunions there any time soon.

jbel said...

I remember how much Drew did NOT enjoy his temp housing/stay as well.
At least there's some humor in the name!
We'll pray that you travel and arrive safely to your final destination.

The Kids