Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Our Garden

Back at the end of April I posted about the beginnings of our first legit garden. Lots of the veggies started as seeds (above:carrots, cucumbers, peas, and some flowers). The kids have been very into it. They check on the plants every day and make sure they get plenty of water, but know not to give them too much. It's been amazing to watch a little tiny seed turn into some amazing fruits and vegetables.

The raised garden box that Luke and Matt built.

It's about six weeks later and our garden has transformed. We are so excited.

(Our cucumber plants have finally flowered and have little cucumbers finally growing - between the flower and the plant.)

Luke has already enjoyed a few of our home grown carrots. Here are some pics of maya and luke harvesting a few.

I'm most excited for our tomatoes. I love snacking on sliced up tomatoes.

And who doesn't love strawberries?!

Since April, we have added pumpkins, corn and watermelon to our garden. We'll keep you posted.

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