Sunday, June 5, 2011

The 4-1-1

I've been slacking a bit, but for good reason. It has been a very busy month. May was full of 2 weekend trips, 2 birthdays, Mother's Day and great friends staying with us for a weekend while they house hunt. Lots of fun and very busy. I've got some catching up to do posting wise. I'll at least get the Brithday's posted.
I also wanted to announce that by the end of the month I am going to make this blog private. I would love for my friends and family to be able to continue to read this blog, so if you want an invite to read the blog when I make it private, get me your email.
This blog probably won't always be private, probably just for the next year. So get me your email addresses so I can invite you to read and keep up with the Wilde family.

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