Thursday, January 27, 2011

My little Math Whiz

It's time for a little parent bragging. Who knows if I'm biased or what, but I think Luke is turning out to be a little math whiz. (I absolutely love Math and Science - I know this makes some people gag, but I love math and numbers and logic. Moving on. . .)
Over the past few months Luke will just bust out a little math problem (ie: 6 + 6 = 12). Matt and I aren't ever sure if he just remembers because someone told him or if he figured it out on his own. It surprises us sometimes because he's never done preschool and he just started kindergarten this year. Most kids are just learning to count let alone add.
Well, today while I was making sandwiches for lunch Luke was counting his money in his piggy bank. After a little while he comes up to the counter and says 9 + 9 = 18. I told him that was right and asked how he knew that. I was expecting him to say that someone told him, but no. This is what he says:
" Well, 9 is less than 10. 10+10=20 and 10+9 equals 19 so 9+9=18."
Seriously? There are adults who can't reason and deduce like that but my little 5 year old has figured it out on his own. I'm so proud of my little math whiz.


Jessica said...

ok LUke, I got that 9 is less than 10 after that you lost me..Way to Go Yousmarty pants boy!!!!

Jennie said...

He does have a math brain! is he bored in school then?

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