Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Honest Effort

Today is one of "those" days. It's not a terrible or horrible day. It's not ALL bad. Just a little frustrating at the moment. I do realize that most of my frustration is stemming from the craziness of my out-of-control almost 2-year-old - he is strapped in at the kitchen table sceraming right now. I guess he finished his lunch. (Over the past few months I've mentioned to Matt a couple times that I think Luke was just a warm-up compared to what Seth is going to challenge us with. To understand the magnitude of that - you have to know how much Luke kept us on our toes.)
Anyway - back to the story of my day so far. My husband went to the temple this morning which with the hour drive each way means he's basically gone for a good 4-5 hours. Not a big deal. Didn't have a ton planned for the day. Or so I thought. I was going to head to the gym after dropping kids off at school and just work out on my own. But before going to the gym I saw that a friend was going to an activity called music makers (a mom and toddler activity). People have been telling me I should go since I moved here - but I like to spend my mornings at the gym. So last minute I decided I would finally go. It's right around the corner from the gym. So I decided to do a short workout and try out Music makers. So to start off, I only get a 25 minute workout in instead of my usual hour. Not a big deal cuz I'm going to something fun with Seth. Pull up to the church where they have music makers and see a Hearst. Music makers is canceled because of a funeral. Alright then. I'm a little bummed but no big deal. I'll try again another time.
Next I go home and get cleaned up. I decide I'll ship something to my sister that she's asked to borrow. So I get all that put together and load up the car and go get Luke from school. I take Luke and Seth with me to the post office thinking this will be quick and easy. None of the regular priority mail boxes will fit. So I buy a box and some bubble wrap and figure I'll try sending it priority and use the Post Office tape instead of having to buy tape as well. Stupid mistake on my part. So as I'm trying to get the package all put together and taped up, seth and Luke are running wild around the post office. Seth is squealing and shrieking and pulling cards and envelopes off the display while Luke is playing with the doors. I'm so embarrassed but torn. Should I grab my kids and try to get them to sit and extend this whole situation or just get it packed as fast as I can so I can get out of there. Once I get it taped up and labeled I grab Seth and Luke and get on line to ship the package. The lady weighs it and says it's gonna cost $45 to ship!! Yeah right! She suggested I use the actual priority flat rate box. Uh, Lady. I would've if I could've. This thing won't fit in that. (during all this Seth is screaming trying to get out of my arms. - does she really want to have a conversation with me?) So I pay for the box and bubble wrap and get out of there as fast as I can. (Sorry sis. I tried) I'm so embarrassed at the way my kids were acting. Seth should be napping, but it being a Wednesday and California schools being annoying Maya gets out early every Wednesday (I don't get the school systems here) So I have to keep Seth up until after I pick Maya up on Wednesdays so he can get a decent nap. It just means an extra hour and a half of craziness.
So, I tried. I've put in an honest effort today. And with all that effort I feel I've accomplished nothing. . .well I did get to change a poopy diaper. That's something right???


The Murphy's said...

I feel for you Jenn! I hope you have a better week.

brookelovesjay said...

I have plenty of those days! But you have to remember even on the days we moms feel we have accomplished nothing, we've accomplished the most important things-the kids are alive, safe, healthy, and sometimes happy. And that takes a lot of work!

City Girl in the Ozarks said...

I happen to stumble across your blog, and reading it, felt like a page out of my own book. There are days my boys are great, and then there are days, I fee like saying, nope...I'm just the Nanny! LOL! We just left LA, and moved to Arkansas, did you just move there? Where about's? We were in Valencia, just outside LA, maybe I can point you in the direction of some good mommy groups.

Ash said...

Oh man this was timely!! I'm having one of those days where I just KNOW I'm done having children!! three is enough!! Be sure and invite me when you go private!!

jbel said...

ah, been there and done that! I'm so glad someone else gets horribly embarrassed by their kids' behavior! Post office is bad, church too, any store I pop into, and where else do they misbehave???
ah, it's great to be in good company!

Jessica said...

So nice to have a little validation here. My 2-year-old is a total handful too, and I thought my first was crazy! I've been having a lot of these same thoughts and experiences and have been blaming it on the inconveniences of city living with kids, but it sounds like there are inconveniences everywhere and the kids are the crazy ones :)

seriously though, thanks for posting -- it's nice to know that someone else is having similar challenges.

you guys coming out to ny anytime soon?


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