Sunday, October 31, 2010

Luke's 5th Birthday

On September 2, Luke turned 5!

He has grown up so much over this past year and we are so proud of who he is becoming.

Some of his favorites right now are:

Color: Blue

Dinner: Lasagna

Dessert: Cookies and milk

Toys: Bakugan and Transformers

Movies: How to Train Your Dragon, Cars, and Transformers

Games: Plants vs. Zombies, Sorry, and Sequence

Animal: Spinosaurus

Books: Transformer and Dinosaur books

Sports: Soccer and swimming

Here are some pictures of the birthday celebration. It wasn't a big fancy affair because we headed out on a road trip shortly after. But we sang happy birthday and opened some presents and enjoyed some ice cream before heading out on the road to visit family for the Labor Day holiday weekend.

Below is another little birthday party that we had with family in Vegas over the weekend. Tons of fun and another post on that will follow.

Happy Birthday, Luke! We love you tons!

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