Friday, August 7, 2009

Seth's First Haircut


(4 months and a day old - 7/26/09)

As you can see, Seth was starting to get shaggy. Not a "missionary appropriate" hairstyle. His Dad was ready to trim around the ears when I walked in our room. I suggested it was time for a full on cut. We pulled out the clippers and there you have it.


I think he looks handsome, but I was sad for a few days. I felt like the haircut made him look older and took away some of his "baby-ness".


Jessica said...

Jen and Matt, you guys make beautiful babies!! Seth is soo handsome -just like Lukie, love those boys' eyes!! and yeah that haircut was much needed:)

Becky said...

Maybe you'll inspire us to cut Sam's hair. He really needs a cut, but I don't want him to look older too! I'm afraid I may take off an ear.

Rachel said...

I think his new haircut makes him look adorable.

a Burnett (Sarah or Garrett) said...

Rivers has a bunch of long stray hairs and is shaggy around the ears. My debate is do I cut his hair while he's awake, or I should I try a covert nap time operation? He's so wiggly and grabby.

Kevin and Kristen said...

He is such a cute little guy! And I can't believe he is already 4 months old.

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