Thursday, August 27, 2009

Last to get em, last to lose em

Maya finally lost her first tooth yesterday. It seems like the tooth has been loose for several months - it's got to be a record. Maya has a dentist appointment next week so it's been loose for 6 months. I remember the dentist mentioning that it was loose at her last checkup. We've heard a lot of detail from Maya on how loose the tooth is and what she can or can't bite into and times she was having so much fun thinking or doing other things that she forgot about the loose tooth. Seriously. I was more ready for it to come out that she was. She didn't get her first tooth until she was 14 months old. Her teeth like to take their sweet old time doing whatever they are going to do.

It's been dangling in her mouth for a few days. We thought it was going to come out on Tuesday night, but it was a false alarm. Yesterday we went to the pool with our friends. One of them is an oral surgeon resident. When we got there I said that he should just yank it out. He'll called Maya over and said: Hey Maya! Show me your loose tooth. She opened up and he reached right in and yanked it out. Thank you very much, Mike!

Maya was very excited. She put it in a safe place in our pool bag (after showing all the kids) so she wouldn't lose it. She put it under he pillow for the tooth fairy. Unfortunately, the Tooth Fairy was a no show last night. She'd better come tonight or else I don't think Maya will be able to hold back the tears of disappointment. She was very brave this morning and blinked back her tears while picking out cereal for breakfast before school.
The one next to it is loose. I'll start taking bets on how long it'll take for this next one to fall out. Maybe the dentist will just pull it out when we go.


Becca said...

Yeah Dr. Neilson. Teeth are gross! I am glad he could pull it out for you/her. Now we just gotta talk to that tooth fairy

a Burnett (Sarah or Garrett) said...

As I see it, if the tooth takes its sweet time to fall out, the tooth fairy can take her sweet time in collecting it.

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