Monday, October 13, 2008

Flag Football

Maya's flag football season is officially over. It's been a fun season. A few of you were curious when I said Maya was playing football. It's not tackle football, no pads and helmets necessary. The kids had a lot of fun. The coaches usually played quaterback and were in charge of tossing the ball to one of the kids on their team. Maya had a few touchdowns, some good catches and did some great blocking for her own teammates. Her uncles should be proud. Here are a few pictures from her last game.
Quick huddle with the coach between plays. // Grabbing the other team's flags. Go Maya!

Water break. Gotta keep hydrated.

Luke playing his own game on the sidelines.

Maya had lots of fun, but doesn't waste any time. She's already asking about soccer. . .


Jessica said...

Jen Grace has the SAME water cup-princess- as Maya soo sweet!! Rock on MAYA!!! We love you!!

Rachel said...

That's awesome she's so into sports.

The Murphy's said...

I think you should do marshmallow shooters at Thanksgiving, just don't let anyone in your house with their shoes on. Haha!

Lynn said...

I think that's great that she's playing football. That sounds like something you would encourage. :) Me too.

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