Friday, November 1, 2013

Cool Patch

Doing the single parent thing, my schedule has been insane. I'm not gonna get into all the crazy details. BUT, my goal during this deployment is to make sure the kids don't miss out. Halloween decorations went up and favorite treats have been made and costumes have been created. One thing I wanted to make sure happened was a trip to the pumpkin patch. This is something I loved doing as a kid. Last year (with Matt home) pumpkins were bought from the grocery store. Not this year my friend. Would it have been ok? Yes. Would my friends look down on me for getting a pumpkin from the store instead of a patch? Heck no. They get it. BUT, I would be bummed. Some of my favorite memories as a kid are the things my parents did to make the holidays special. Traditions to make this time of year stand out and be special and different from every other day. So, after a day full of soccer games - finishing at 4pm - and the last saturday in October, we made the drive to Cool Patch Pumpkins. This place is a lot of fun. They are in the 2007? Guiness Book of World Records for having the world's largest corn maze. Matt and I went on a date to the corn maze last year. It is huge and took over an hour and a half (and a few cuts through the corn rows) to get through. Lots of fun.
You pull in and park in a huge field/parking lot, pick up a wagon near the entrance and start picking pumpkins on your way in.

Maya was so happy to finally not be too big to ride. 
I pulled the kids back to the main area of the patch. Lots of yummy treats and fun hay bales and this is where you buy tickets to the different sections of the patch (hay rides, kids zone, maze, etc) and pay for your pumpkins.

So, I bought the kids tickets to the kid zone. They have a track for big wheel tricycles and a giant straw hill and a huge corn pit. My kids played in the corn for over 30 minutes and loved every second of it. We will definitely be going back with Matt next year.

corn angel

To top it all off, on our way out they were launching pumpkins out of a canon. Awesome!

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