Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Look Around the 'Deid

Al-Udeid Air Base, aka "The 'Deid."  Located "Somewhere in Southwest Asia" and hub for almost all war operations in the Middle East.  As you can see, well, it's not much to look at; it's bright, rocky and dry.  Compared with New England, autumn here leaves something to be desired in terms of foliage and color.

  On the bright side (so to speak) you never have to worry about getting caught in the rain, though I hear some pina-colada drinkers are into that.  Actual paved roads and brick buildings with AC and running water are such a huge step up from Afghanistan, that I have no complaints about the living situation.  It's even cooled off recently from 110 to a pleasant 90.

The running track (bright strip on the left) is as scenic as my last deployment with piles of discarded machines and rubble to enjoy while you run.  This track has a few advantages over the one in Ghazni- it's nice and long at 2.5 miles, and there even is patch of lush vegetation on the other side of those berms.  It's nice to see, when you are upwind at least; that's where the sewage is processed. 

My dorm is actually quite nice- private room, with my own sink.  Best of all, a toilet I share with only one other person, not the whole base.

View from hallway of the dorms.  Imagine a new Motel 6  in the middle of a barren spot of New Mexico desert and you've got the general feel.
Now that I'm past the jet lag, I'm feeling more settled in here.  Now I'm hoping that time will start going faster soon.

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