Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter, Everyone! It turned out to be a beautiful even though it started out gray and drizzling. Maya and I had fun yesterday shopping for Easter dresses. The talks at church were beautiful as was the music. The kids enjoyed waking up and having to find their Easter baskets which the Easter bunny hid. They were full of all kinds of goodies. After Easter dinner we went out and had an easter egg hunt. We used my parents idea and put numbers on the eggs and assigned each kid a number. That way the 2-year-old will find as many eggs as the 8-year-old. The kids had a very exciting time finding the eggs. We emptied the treats into their baskets and took the empty plastic eggs upstairs to the toy room to play a game with them. The video of the ensuing craziness is in the previous post. Love and miss all of our family on these holidays!

Happy Easter!!

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