Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Not a creature was stirring. . .wait... There's a mouse!

We had a little excitement in the house today. Maya was in the kitchen eating lunch while I was here in the office doing very important things like facebooking. Maya shouts that she thinks she just saw a mouse. So the adventure begins. We have it trapped in the family room, hiding under our sectional sofa. I have Maya get the broom - her job is to keep the mouse in the family room. This is a very big house - the last thing I want to be doing is searching to find a mouse the size of a golf ball. Once I get a visual on the mouse, I send Luke to get a bucket so we can try and catch this thing. I lift each part of the sectional and the mouse keeps evading us. Luckily the couch is pretty much the only thing in the room the mouse can get behind. I decide we need more hands. So I call my friend up the road and have her send her 2 boys down to help me catch the mouse. This should be the highlight of their day. Anyway, they get here, we give them each a bowl/bucket. I lift the biggest piece of the sectional where the mouse is hiding and on the first shot, Dustin catches the mouse under his bucket! Woo hoo! All in all it's been maybe 5 minutes. Not too shabby. Everyone checks out the mouse, but we have to be careful cuz it's a jumping mouse and keeps trying to get out of the bucket. We dump the mouse over the tall brick wall in our backyard.
I think now Luke will hopefully listen to Matt and I. We've been pleading with him to stop leaving his apple cores behind and between the sections of the sofa. Now that he's seen the mouse in our house and I can say "Hey, the mouse probably liked finding your apple. This is why Dad and I have been telling you to eat in the kitchen." Maybe he'll finally put it together and listen... Maybe. Here's some pics of our adventure.
My army of mouse catchers: Andrew, Maya, Dustin, and Luke
I had to post a pic of the room all cleaned up after the mess. I can't just post a picture of my house trashed. Cleans up pretty nice. We vaccuumed under the couches very thoroughly. Don't want to leave sny snacks behind for any more creatures.

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brookelovesjay said...

Makes me shudder! We caught 4 mice in our house in a matter of one week back in October. We haven't seen any since but we still have all our traps out, I'm not taking any chances!

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